The beginning: Gena and Fima
Once upon a time there was a guy named Gena. He thought he knew how to sing and how to play guitar.
He started to write songs and he was sure that soon hed be famous.
Then he thought:
Well, Im too shy. I need someone to play with me. Maybe Ill create a band? Hmm
And then he had founded a skiffle-whatever band called Garfields. Also in this band played another boy. His name was Fima.
Fima never thought of dealing with music, but suddenly he met Gena and found that playing guitar was really cool thing to do. And he started learning to play a guitar. He joined Garfields just because he was Gena's friend. He didn't know how to play yet.

Well, "Garfields" played for some time and broke apart.
And then Fima said: Lets make a serious band! Enough skiffle!

So, Gena and Fima founded a new band.
They started a search, a search for a name, for musicians and for a place to play in.
A name was something that was hard to find.
First it was The Eating Stubs and finally it became The World.

One day they saw an ad which said: Musicians needed. They came to the place mentioned on the ad. This place called "Beit-Dani".
It happened on Thursday, 4 February 1999.
There, at Beit-Dani, sat a man who was searching for musicians who would play songs he wrote. His name was Igor Ravinov. He told Gena and Fima about his intentions and added that they also can compose and play their own material (thank you, Mr. Ravinov).

Shortly a new member joined the new-formed band. His name was Platon and he was a bass-player.
They started to do rehearsals once a week. These rehearsals seemed to look pitiful. They didn't know what to play. Some songs of Garfields' repertoire, some covers of russian band Mashina Vremeni, some Gena's brand new unfinished songs. That is what they used to play at that time. Gena had a very strong influence by The Beatles and Mashina Vremeni and Platon liked Sepultura. Fima played so-so, so his contribution to this musical bouquet was nothing special.

This is what Marg saw when he came to Beit-Dani...

Marg joins

The funny thing was that he lived very close to Gena and Fima but theyve never met. His name was Michael. He has been playing his electric guitar for some time, listened to Heavy Metal and dreamed to join a rock band. Well, this dream finally came true...
Michael (or Margulis how Gena and Fima called him) had taken a classic guitar lessons. Once his teacher told him: You should join a band, my young apprentice. I know there is a new-formed band playing in a youth-club called Beit-Dani. Go and join them, there you will find your destiny!... - or something like that.
Well, Marg came and exposed all his talents before Gena and Fima.
"Cool!!!" - they said. - "You're in!"

The first thing Marg changed was the band's attitude to the rehearsals. It those misty prehistoric days this I-dont-give-a-shit attitude was called HINAM which means free- in Hebrew. So when Marg came, one of his goals was vanishing Hinam off the band.
Everything became much more serious than before. A list of covers, for instance, was brought by Marg and examined through by Gena and Fima. Finally something started to move.
Also Marg changed the name of the band. "The World" became now "Abrahms Family".

Meanwhile, it turned out that there was a concert coming soon. It was organized by Beit-Dani's principal Ichiel Tovim. All the bands which took part in the concert supposed to play in a hall and on a real stage! Each band had two songs to play: a cover and an original one.
Ichiel realized that Abrahms needed some help. That's why he asked Igor to join the band.

Igor joins

He started playing piano since small years. He came originally from Kiev, Ukraine, where he had already been playing in his school band, which sometimes toured all around the Ukraine.
He came to Beit-Dani where Pini (Marg's guitar-teacher, by the way) was gathering musicians for his own, Pini's, band. It wasnt a rock band. Instead they played serious music, shall we call it so? Jazz standarts and something like that.
Igor joined that band (it called "No Feedback") and started playing there. Shortly Igor joined Abrahms.
Unlike Marg, Igor didn't take Abrahms seriouly. He Joined the band as a temporary musician, but according to Igor: "Theres no thing more constant than temporary"...

Oleg - in, Platon - out
Abrahms Family started to prepare themselves towards their first performance. They needed a drummer desperately.
And a drummer was found. Fima met him in some park and offered him to join the band. He was overgrown for Abrahms, something like 35 yeas old, or so. His name was Oleg.
Abrahms called him Tetris cause he was playing tetris game non-stop on his way to the rehearsal.
Oleg started to come to Beit-Dani regulary and tried to help the band to become more listenable.

Around this time Abrahms decided to kick Platon out. Abrahms had many reasons for that: he didn't fit in the band's musical partialities, moreover, he almost didn't come for rehearsals. There were two rhythm guitar players in the band and one of them had to become a bass player.
Marg said "It is not too hard to play a bass. Let Fima play it!". Fima agreed and hired a bass in a music shop. The next rehearsal Fima came with his new bass. Platon was really surprised. After that he was told that he's out.

Amit - in, Oleg - out
Suddenly it turned out that Oleg can't participate in the concert. Beit-Dani was a youth club and Oleg could not be considered as youth.. (They didn't know that Marg was 21 back then, ha-ha!).
"It's ok" - said Ichiel - "I have another drummer for you".
This drummer lived in Rosh-ha-Ayin and his name was Amit. He liked the same music like other Abrahms, especialy Iron Maiden and Queen, and he played very cool. The only problem was that he spoke Hebrew and didn't speak any Russian. Abrahms considered it as a problem even though each one of them spoke Hebrew pretty well.

Sergy appears
On the eve of the first concert it was Gena's birthday. Gena, Fima and their friends celebrated it in a small park, where they used to spend their time almost every night, with vodka and guiatrs. Marg also was invited. Moreover all this event was recorded on a video camera. This is first Abrahms video. Also there was Sergy, the band's future technician.
Sergy studied in the same school as Fima. Gena knew him too: the three of them worked together. Sergy was a computer freak and a talented technician. He was a big fan of Coca-Cola and the russian band called DDT. In spite of his great qualities everybody made fun of him. The only one who saw his potential was Igor, but that will happen later...

The first concert
On Thursday, 17 June 1999 Abrahms performed on their first concert.
Abrahms played two songs as it had been planned: "Wind of Change" by Scorpions and their original one - "Good Morning".
Gena, who was very excited to perform for the first time on stage, thought their performance was good (even when he saw it recorded on video, which was the second Abrahms video by the way).
Since they invited many of their friends, naturally they took a first place according to the audiences voting, but they got only 4th place according to the jurys votes, and it wasnt really a surprize for them (except Gena). It was clear to them that theres still a lot of work to do.

Finding places to play in
After their first concert Beit-Dani had been closed (the summer holidays had started) and Abrahms had no place to play for more than two months.
Then they decided to make rehearsals at Gena's house. Amit didn't take part in these rehearsals: it looked like he decided that he was a drummer for only one single concert. Igor decided not to leave the band.
That summer united them and Abrahms knew each other much better that before.

When Beit-Dani had opened Abrahms returned there to play. Also they wanted to find another place.
Igor Ravinov sometimes offered them a place to perform there.
For the first time it took place in some shelter under a sinagogue, at Krol street.
Abrahms had an idea to play constantly in this place, but during that concert some angry neighbour came with knife and said "Get out of here!". Abrahms had to get out.
(Though they didn't forget to take with them "Fender Bassman 70" bass amplifier, which stood there).

A concerts of that kind took place each few months at Noar Leumi building at Beilis street. Sometimes Amit played with them, and sometimes - Fima's classmate Nimrod Sasson. At that time they hadn't any constant drummer yet.
Little by little Abrahms widened their musical repertoire. They learned up new covers and wrote their own songs.

Abrahms tried to play in another one place: the old youth club in Amishav (near Gena's house). All Abrahms' attempts to play there have failed: there were too many anoying children. These children just didn't let them play!
After more or less attempts to find an alternative place for Beit-Dani Abrahms gave up.

A clip
A year after the first Abrahms Family's concert Igor Ravinov (who nominaly was their group manager) said that there is an opportunity to make a video clip.
The students in the "Ahad Ha-Am" school, who learned cinema, had had to make a school-leaving project: to make a movie.
Within the framework of this project Abrahms Family made their first clip. They decided to film a clip for "Good Morning", the best Abrahms' song of that time.
The "Ahad Ha-Am" school gave them a cameraman (one of the pupils, Eili Ventura), the directors were all of Abrahms, as well as the actors. There was a role of somebody non-Abrahm, but they didn't find anyone for this. Gena had to play the role.
The opening night took place at Sharet municipal cinema. Abrahmis' clip looked very strange unlike other films, but in the case of the fact that they made it by themselves, composed and performed the soundtrack, they have got a third place. They even were suppose to get a prize (tickets for swimming pool) but they actually didn't. Nobody knows why.

Non-formal discs
At 16 June 2000 Abrahms started a tradition of making funny and strange creative works (audio) and presenting them to Abrahms' members on their birthdays.
Well, all of them, also other funny stuff, you will find here (russian, hebrew).

Fima joins army
Something like August-September 2000 Fima joined army. (And Abrahms had no drummer yet!). Despite this misery, at that time they had made their first concert outside Petach-Tiqwa, at "Megapolis" club in old Yaffo. (A temporary drummer, Lior from Angels, had helped them at that concert).

Stas joins
At the peak of Abrahms' despereation a constant drummer was finally found.
His name was Stas Barsky. He came to Beit-Dani with his brother to make a band. One day Stas and Igor have met in the rehearsals room and started improvising. Then Igor offered Stas to join the band, and, as we know, he had joined.
The first full-cast rehearsal was at Gena's home on 5761st Rosh-Ha-Shana.
Finally Abrahms found their first constant drummer!

Marg joins army
On 7 November 2000 Marg joined army. His position was even worse than Fima's (who, by the way, shortly had quit army). Marg stuck far in the South and had been coming home only once a week! Abrahms had got a drummer, but actually they had lost a guitarist.
Of course, sometimes Marg took a day off, when Abrahms had had to play a concert.
At that time the concerts were organized mainly by Beit-Dani administration. The concerts included Beit-Dani bands. The most important of them - a concert at Paintball (February) and at Shiffer school (April) (both of them they have palyed with "Angels").

The revenge
In June 2001 an all-Beit-Dani concert took place.
This event reminded first Abrahms' concert. The same hall and almost the same date (with the difference of two years).
One thing was different: Abrahms Family obviously was the best band at that concert!
The revenge worked!

Igor had a mate who worked on radio. A russian-spoken radio called "Radio Dom".
Through this acquaintance Abrahms got an opportunity to put their record on radio.
In order to do that, they went to Ashkelon to record their song "The Truth Revelation".
Abrahms recorded the song and it came out terrible! Almost everything was out of tune (especially - vocals).
Thanks God, Abrahms had a record they made themselves. The instruments were recorded at Beit-Dani and Gena quickly recorded the vocals at home. The drums were written in MIDI.
(Not a best record, but it sounded better than that one from the Ashkelon sessions).
And so, on Valentine Day (The Lovers' Day), 14 February 2002, Abrahms' song was first broadcasted on radio.

Stas is out
It looks like the fact that on the record were MIDI drums symbolized Stas's dismissal.
After more than 15 months of playing together Abrahms and Stas didn't succeed to become closer. (Remember? The other four Abrahms became friends almost from the start).
This lack of mental connection kept all of the Abrahms in intensity, and they decided to dismiss Stas.
This happened on 24 January 2002. Two days later Plotnik joined Abrahms Family...

Plotnik joins

There were many concerts which took place at Beit-Dani at that time. Almost every week.
There, at Beit-Dani, played a band named "Print Screen". Its drummer's name was Omry Plotnik.
Before Stas's dismissal Abrahms had already been searching for a new drummer.
At one of the concerts at Beit-Dani Gena and Igor saw Plotnik and liked him playing. After Stas's dismissal, Fima called Plotnik and offered him to join the band.
On 26 January 2002 the first real full-cast rehearsal took place.
Abrahms started to show Plotnik their repertoire and little by little Plotnik drew in.

Igor joins army
In October 2002 Igor joined army.
Again there were some obstacles, Abrahms hadn't did much.
(The only good thing was that Marg's military service was about to end, and above all Marg served now near Petach-Tiqwa and he had been coming home every day).

London, EMI

In August 2003 Marg was going to go to London. And Abrahms decided to make a record and Marg was going to bring it to several studios in London.
So, he went there, walked all over the city and had left Abrahms' demos in several studios.
This was the record of a new song called "Black Wings Of Freedom", which had been recorded at GEM studios in Holon. Technically this was the best record for that time.

Well, Marg returned from London and Abrahms started to wait for an answer from EMI.
After a few months they got a formal letter ("Sorry...", "Maybe next time..." and the other shit).
"Well... WAIT! WE'LL SHOW YOU!!! OUR TIME IS GONNA COME." - Abrahms thought.

At the Sukkot eve (October 2003) Abrahms performed at "Infinity" pub.
This pub had just opened. Fima came there and asked if they want a band to play live music. They said yes.
Abrahms started to play there every week on Fridays.
They played there for four months, and earned some money. They learned more how to perform, and they got an experience.
The problem of these performances was that Abrahms actually didn't play their own material (they did only at the end of the show, when most of the people had already went away).
Also these performances were too tiring, and in January 2004 Abrahms stopped the routine of "Infinity".

The site
On 1 February 2004 Abrahms created their official web-site.

First independent concert
At the early spring of 2004 Abrahms gathered around the round table and talked about someone's idea of making an independent concert.
It's nessesary to mention that almost all the concerts till then were organized by Beit-Dani, and Abrahms wanted to make a concert by themselves.
This concert was ment to be an anniversary one (five years), but there was no time to prepare so Abrahms decided to make it later.

Abrahms decided to take a hall on lease (Eshkol Pais), to make an advertisement (posters, flyers etc.) and to make a huge program (to improve all they knew till then, and to learn some new covers).
The main part of their time they wasted on preparings.

So, this concert came. It happened on 8 July 2004
After the concert Abrahms decided to record a demo album unaided. Now the equipment they gained might permit this.

The records

Shortly After their first independent gig Abrahms got a proposal to participate in recording a disc which was supposed to be a compilation of demo songs written by various unknown bands. Each band had to record the demos in some studio and pass it to the so-called producers.
Abrahms wanted to record by themselves in their own "studio" (they took over the youth club that was closed in summer and turned it to somewhat improvised studio).
The two songs they recorded were The Truth Revelation and The Answer Is NoThey passed the demos, but the disc was never released.

Intrusion into Israeli rock world

At that time Abrahms started to watch after whats happening in Israeli rock world.
Their first step was visiting the Rock-Club website and to advertise their concerts there.
The other change was that they almost fully stopped playing covers and focused on their original repertoire.
Also, they decided to play with another bands. Doing so they hoped to earn more audience than before.
They played in Beer7 pub in Beer-Sheva and also played with their old colleagues Stormy Atmosphere at Patefon club in Tel-Aviv.

The Kursik Festival

When Holidays were coming, Abrahms used an opportunity to record their songs. This time (Passover 2005) they started to record their new song Man-eater (which was completed on September).

At that period they were told that there is a competition in Green Raccoon. The winners would play on Kursik festival on Kinneret beach. Abrahms spent all the time available to prepare for this festival. Finally they took place in the competition and took the first place! It meant now that they wold play on Kursik without any selections or auditions.

Before Kusik they had two more concerts: a jam session with Koleso F band in Green Racoon; and a gig with three other bands in Chevrolet club.

Well, the Kursik festival finally came and Abrahms Family played there. In wasnt their best show and the votes at Rock-Club site confirmed this. Though they drew some attention to themselves: there were people who dicussed the festival on the Net and mentioned Abrahms as good performers. But there were also those who claimed they "didnt understand the music"...
Abrahms hope the reason was too much drinks before (and after) the show!

The October occurrences

In October 2005 Igor quit the Army, a girl born to Gena, Fima started studying and as a result missed the rehearsals. Later on Plotnik too started his academic studies in Tel-Aviv University. All these circumstances prevented Abrahms from working properly.
In spite of all, they recorded drums and some instrumental parts for three more songs at Sukkoth Holidays (one new song: Out Of Your Land; one very old: Out; and the old, but resurrected one: Apocalypse).

To be continued...

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