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Gennady Birnberg | © Photo by John Zlobin

Born on 16 June 1980
Sing vocals and sometimes play strange instruments
AF member since February 1999


Born in 1980 in Southern Ukraine (it was USSR then) in a city called Odessa which is on the Black Sea coast.
My father in his youth played in a band too, but I think it was less serious than me and Abrahms.
When I was eight, I think, I wished to learn to play piano. My parents found me a teacher and she came to us something like once a week. Few weeks later I found myself bored. Since then I never took piano lessons.
In the age of 13 I started to learn to play a guitar.
I started to write my first songs in age of 15.
In August 1998 me and my friends from the neighborhood founded a band which was called “Garfileds”. This band soon broke up and me and Fima founded and new band which known now as AF.


The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Машина времени, ДДТ, Claus Meine (Scorpions).