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17 June
The first concert

    16 October
Lenin’s gig

    7 December
The pig concert

    10 December

    16 December
Benefit of Mr. Ihiel

    29 December
First “jug gig”


13 January Old New Rock

    8 March
“Not for free” gig

    21 March
A gig on town’s square

    6 April
A fest feat. Yehudim band

    15 June
First gig at Beit-Dany’s roof

    3 August
A gig at Megapolis club

    3 September
“Crazy gig”

    26 October
A gig at Beit-Dany

    16 November
Second “jug gig”

    28 December
Angels Family


4 February
Two years birthday gig

    22 April
First gig at Shiffer school

    25 April
First “babushka’s gig”

    6 May
“Not a gig”

    29 May
“A gig at the zoo”

    14 June
The Revenge

    13 September
“Not a gig at all”

    1 November
Second gig at Beit-Dany’s roof

    10 December
A gig at Amal-Bet school

    12 December
“Sixties ball”

    17 December
Second “babushka’s gig”


3 January
“Pre-jug gig”

    24 January
Third “jug gig”

    14 March
Third gig at Beit-Dany’s roof (“The Green Concert”)

    12 June
Young talents

    29 August
Babma concert

    SA September
A gig for the purpose of Igor’s leaving to army

Second gig at Bar-Lev school


20 February
A gig at Underground II

    18 March
A gig at Raanana

    23 April
A gig at Mike’s Place

    6 May
Second gig on Independence Day

    19 June
Fourth gig at Beit-Dany’s roof

    10 October
Work at Infinity

    17 October
Work at Infinity

    24 October
Work at Infinity

    31 October
Work at Infinity

    7 November
Work at Infinity

    14 November
Work at Infinity

    21 November
Work at Infinity

    28 November
Work at Infinity

    5 December
Work at Infinity

    12 December
Work at Infinity

    19 December
Work at Infinity

    26 December
Work at Infinity


2 January
Work at Infinity

    9 January
Work at Infinity

    16 January
Work at Infinity

    23 January
Work at Infinity

    30 January
Work at Infinity

    6 February
Work at Infinity

    13 February
Work at Infinity

    19 February
Second gig at Shiffer school

    27 February
A gig at Infinity

    8 July
A gig at Eshkol Pais

    9 July
A gig at sandpit

    28 July
First gig at Green Raccoon

    7 October
A gig at Infinity

    5 December
Third gig at Shiffer school


13 January
A gig at Beer7 pub

    26 February
A gig at Patifon

    25 March
Third gig at Bar-Lev school

    11 May
Second gig on Independence Day

    25 May
Second gig at Green Raccoon

    20 July
A jam with Koleso F band

    20 August
A gig at Chevrolet

    9 September
Kursik fest

    29 September
“Dosim gig”

    23 November
A gig at Koltura


20 February
Fourth gig at Shiffer school

    29 March
Third gig at Mofet

    31 March
First gig at In Tabern

    18 April
Second gig at In Tabern

    2 May
Third gig on Independence Day

    18 May
RockStar fest

    6 June
A gig at Espada

    29 July
AriHell fest

    7 September
Third gig at In Tabern

    13 December
Fifth gig at Shiffer school


25 January
Fourth gig at In Tabern

    28 February
A gig at Gat-Rimon

    6 June
Fifth gig at Beit-Dany’s roof

    9 August
A gig at Sportek

    21 August
A gig at Sublime

    11 October
A gig at Fortress


18 March
Sixth gig at Beit-Dany’s roof

    12 April
Fresh III fest

    7 May
Fourth gig on Independence Day

    6 June
“Abrahms & Friends” jam

    27 July
“Abrahms & Friends” jam, take 2

    13 November
A gig at “Aba’le”


5 February

    12 March
A gig with Crinatura

    8 May
A gig at Motorock

    20 May

    25 July
“Abrahms & Friends” jam, take 3

    7 August
A gig at Freeland

    17 September
A gig at Founders&rsquo Square («Ungenned»)

    3 October
Motorock II

2010   25 July
“Abrahms & Friends” jam, take 4

    5 August
A gig at Founders' Square II

    27 November
A gig at Infinity

2011   19 January
A gig at Blaze bar


To be continued...