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4 February
Band’s creation: Gennady Birenberg and Haim Nazarovsky came to Beit-Dany.

Several musicians joined the band: Platon, Margulis, Igor, Oleg. Soon Platon left the band and Oleg replaced by Amit Argash.

    17 June
The first concert.

In Summer Sergey Zenkin joined as band’s technician.

At that period the band searched for places to rehearse in (except Beit-Dany), but with no luck.
Abrahms were performing in town’s small youth-clubs and other places in Petach-Tiqwa.
Few times Amit Argash left the band and came back again, being replaced by Nimrod Sasson and others, while being away.
In all, there were six gigs that year.


Abrahms still don’t have a constant drummer.
That year, first attempts to record the songs began to appear. The records were made in Beit-Dany. None of those records ever reached appropriate quality level.

    6 April
A concert with other local bands: warming up the Yehudim band.

    8 August
First concert outside Petach-Tiqwa (in Old Jaffa).

    16 June
The beginning of informal creativity :-)

    16 June
First studio record and first video-clip.

    29 September
The first constant drummer — Stas Barsky — joined the band.

    28 December
Angels Family concert.

The year brought ten concerts in different places (including two — outside Petach-Tiqwa), a clip, a relatively-known—band—heating—up and also gaining a constant drummer.
That year Marg and Fima joined army, thus the work became more difficult.


A year with Stas as our drummer. Despite this, those also were hard times: Fima’s and Marg’s military service harmed the work.
The gigs took place mostly in Petach-Tiqwa (including Beit-Dany), some local schools and sometimes — concert halls (movie theaters).

    14 June
The Revenge gig. After the gig Abrahms obviously saw that they are the best band in town.

    17 December
A concert the band did was shown on local TV-channel.

    In all, there were 11 gigs that year.


At the beginning of the year Stas replaced by Omri Plotnik and Abrahms spent most of the time showing him the material. As a result, that year the gigs were few. In addition, Igor joined army in October.

    24 January
Stas left the band.

    26 January
Plotnik joined the band.

    14 March
First gig with Plotnik (“The Green concert”) at Beit-Dany’s roof.

    12 June
Young talents (“קשרונות צעירים”) gig at Eshkol Pais hall, organized by Beit-Dany.

    29 August
The Bamba concert

    In all, that year there were 7 gigs so far. The performances took place in Petach-Tiqwa: youth clubs, Beit-Dany, schools and — one single time — at concert hall.


That year Abrahms started to search for a place they could play regularly, both in order to have a constant stage and maybe to earn money for their music.
At the beginning of the year they found a place called Underground II. It gave them a stage (but not money) and soon had been closed.

Another event which occurred in 2003 was that Abrahms recorded a song in a studio (August) and tried to pass the record to EMI.

    23 April
A gig at Mike’s Place.

    6 May
A band’s first gig on Independence Day.

    10 October
The band started to play in a pub called Infinity on Fridays. They earned some money and some acting—on—stage experience, and stopped working there at the beginning of the next year.

    In all, that year there were 6 gigs so far (not including Infinity performances on Fridays at the end of the year). The performances took place mainly in Petach-Tiqwa and also in Raanana and Tel-Aviv.


The beginning of that year characterized by playing many covers, differing from what the band wrote themselves (the band’s originals not quite fit the pub atmosphere and public). The band gave a first priority to creating their own music, thus the work in a pub (where they were forced to play another kind of music) was very depressing. Abrahms stopped to work in Infinity near the beginning of the year.

    1 February
This site was created.

    8 July
First independent gig. Abrahms decided to make their own gig, by managing everything around the event. They took a hall on lease (Eshkol Pais), made an advertisement (posters, flyers etc.) and made a huge program (improved all they knew till then, and learned some new covers). General part of their time they wasted on preparing.

    After the concert Abrahms decided to record a demo album unaided. Now the equipment they gained might permit this. Occasionally they made performances, but they were pretty few. What they recorded was actually two songs (The Truth Revelation and The Answer Is No) and the band wasn’t really sure about the quality of the performance on these records.

    In all, that year there were 7 gigs so far(not including Infinity performances on Fridays at the beginning of the year). The performances took place mainly in Petach-Tiqwa.


This year Abrahms had started to think about showing themselves relatively more than previous years. They had started to make combined gigs with other bands. Those were gigs which included two or more bands in one show. Also the band had recorded another song — Man-Eater, and had tried to make a clip (it actually didn’t see the light).

    13 January
A concert at Beer7 pub.

    26 February
A concert at Patifon pub.

    11 May
A band’s second gig on Independence Day.

    20 August
A concert at Chevrolet club.

    9 September
Kursik festival.

    23 November
A concert at Koltura club.

    In all, that year there were 10 gigs in several places all over the country.


In 2006 Abrahms continued a main priority to the shows. Also they had started to rehearse in additional studios beside Beit-Dany (in order the rehearse more).

    29 March
A concert at Mofet hall.

    31 March
A concert at In Tabern pub. Abrahms performed there more two times during that year. This first performance was recorded on a video and a record of “Out” became a clip.

    2 May
A band’s third gig on Independence Day.

    18 May
Rock-Star festival.

    6 June
A concert at Espada pub. Abrahms had intentionally made a gig on date 6/6/6.

    11 August
AriHell festival.

    In all, that year there were 10 gigs in several places all over the country.


Abrahms continued to work in a usual way. They performed nearly once a month and wrote new songs.

    21 August
A concert at Sublime pub.

    In August they recorded a song The Abuse of Life.

    11 October
A concert at Fortress pub.

    At that moment, a majority of the band’s members decided that songwriting advances slowly, because most of the band’s time had been spent on preparing to the gigs. One of the decisions to solve the problem was to stop to perform for half a year, or maybe even a year, and to concentrate on creating a new material.


Year 2008 brought many changes.

    23 January
Margulis — one of band’s creators and the text-writer — left the band.

    In February Abrahms found another guitarist — Kfir Peretz, who took part in three gigs and later left too.

    12 April
Fresh III festival.

    7 May
A band’s fourth gig on Independence Day.

    9 July
Kfir left the band.

    14 July
Abrahms found another guitarist — Stas Sergienko who is band’s member till now.

    24 October
Fima — one of band’s creators — also quit the band, and been replaced by Sasha.

    Again Abrahms were forced to show the entire repertoire to the new musicians. It took time and efforts, but the band succeeded in preparing themselves for the celebration of their 10th birthday in time.


In 2009 Abrahms finally decided that they’ll start to record their music, and release it as first band’s album. The year started with one serious performance, dedicated to band’s 10th birthday, and all the other gigs were quite casual (because of the recordings business). In addition Abrahms started to compose a new material.

    5 February
Live 10” gig. First gig by a new cast.

    12 March A gig with Crinatura band — the band Margulis joined after leaving AF.
    20 March
The first record (of those, which were intended to make up an album in the end) — Baudschemia — released on band’s site.

    8 May
Motorock gig.

    20 May
Rock-Duel”. (Sort of competition between two bands. We Won.)

    3 July
Recording of Love. Also was made a video-clip where the song been used as a soundtrack.

    7 August
A gig at Freeland bar.

    3 October
Second gig at Motorock. After the gig Abrahms concenrated more on the recordings and the composing and stopped to perform (till now).