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The Abuse of Life

The lyrics

Right is near and wrong is seen. Yes, we are blinded.
Never look for unremembered. Never find it.
Dark is clear, trust only in what fills the pocket.
Door we never open though they never lock it.

Prisoned minds in equal cells. Indifferent patience.
Tried to join those who unneeded. No vacations.
Spending second, wasting minute, killing hour.
Gaining nothing. Years and years of would-be power.

Land is sown. Blood and steel.
Never ask, only steal.
The abuse of life goes on,
Continues still.

Each one thinks he knows the spell.
Each one lives in his personal hell.

Life’s still killing. Fatal Illness. Spirit’s cancer.
What’s the question, if there are so many answers?
Dust admirers, more-expecters: call us all so.
You’re mistaken, they’re mistaken, I am also.

Not to know it’s a test.
Not to know you’re a guest.
What’s happening this second?
Six billion deaths!


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Gennady Birenberg and Michael Krol.