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The lyrics

I’m alone, looking through the storm,
Seeing the endless images unborn.
Still my hand is searching where to stay,
And where’s the distant coast, the break of day?

The dream is gone, but something stayed.
This feeling cannot fade.
The dye at the front, the canvas — behind
Show me what I’ve tried so hard to find.

I’m locked behind seven doors —
The echoes from the past.
The deafening multicolored silence crawls in here.
The dawn is near.
The work I swore to finish is the quest.

I must complete my final task,
But no more colors left.
Three hundred years I’ve spent to draw this view.
I’ve found the clue.
Before this world was born it was all black.

Just one black dot.
No time to wait.
One little spot
To end the paint.
My true reflection
Of the being.
The resurrection
Of the unseen.

Tell me, tell me, Lord why was I born?
Light that I can see, can it be real?
What if all this time I wasn’t wrong?
Life is squealing sound of turning Wheel.

The moon was smothered by a cloud.
It brought the killer winds.
The dawn that I was waiting for had never come.
The time had stopped.
And then I thought —
I should have not
Drawn that last dot.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.


Sound engineer: Igor Khait.
Gennady Birenberg: vocals
Igor Khait: keyboards
Omri Plotnik: drums.
Stas Sergienko: guitar
Sasha: bass

Where and when

Beit-Dany, 90 Stampfer st., Petach-Tiqwa.
August–October 2009.

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