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The lyrics

This thing is gonna save me from the pain.
It eats me from within. Like worms it eats my brain.
This thing — unconstant figure, mocking foe,
Sweet sensitive hot spring, dear friend you’re looking for.

This thing — with skin of concrete, heart of stone.
Behind sense-proof firewall most delicate and fragile one.

This thing — clear water drops fall into silence.
This thing — all crashing storm of boiling violence.

Destroys me, breaks me,
It makes me angry,
Anxious, restless.

Don’t get it.
Don’t understand myself.
I hate it. Get out of me…
No, no… Stay!

It is my free evil will,
My wrong decision,
The curious waves that kill,
My clear mirage vision.

And when the time comes to feel,
You feel it.
And when you don’t want to live,
It feels good. You love it.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Omri Plotnik (in Hebrew). Translated by Michael Krol.


Sound engineer: Igor Khait.
Gennady Birenberg: vocals
Igor Khait: keyboards
Omri Plotnik: drums.
Stas Sergienko: guitar
Sasha: bass

Where and when

Beit-Dany, 90 Stampfer st., Petach-Tiqwa.
March 2009.

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