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The Clarifier

The lyrics

Now before the end
Of the hardest day
Great to see a friend,
What is he to say?

Cups were standing dry.
Noises in the night
Convoyed in his try
Let our minds glide.

Diamond not a man
Showed his faces glow.
Flowers on a plane,
He had tried to grow.

Forest dwellers listened,
We have also heard,
As the prophet glistened,
Sharing his last word.

Climb up to the mountains,
There forget your worries.
Drink up from the fountain.
Eat up from the curries.

You think that you’re different,
Never will you listen.
Truth is the undoing.
Doorway out is missing.

Non-you must leave.
Let’s all go to sleep.
Non-you must leave.
Let’s all fall asleep.

Night was prowling round.
Needle crossed a star.
Then there came a sound,
Rumble from afar.

Then through smoking haze
Saw his rotten grin.
One his real face
Worms ate through the skin.

Flash. The answer blackened.
Silence rearranged.
In one endless second
Speaker’s features changed.

Then I said you lied,
Poison is your tongue.
Never he replied,
Knowing it’s a flunk.



Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.