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The lyrics

The absence of choice brought us here that night,
The moon face grinned wild.
And so we were waiting for a signal to come,
The clang of the arm.

I smelled the air; it had the taste
Of all the souls we’ll have to waste.

With the same thought blinking in our eyes
We wished to kill them twice.
It was both mad and wise.
Destroy them, burn the den
And then we’ll see daylight again.

The bloodstained flag rose up in the air,
Wind fluttered our hair.
We rushed to the walls with a loud war cry.
The echoes replied.

The killing rain poured out of hell,
We rose the shields but hundreds fell.

Then the gates had opened and we saw
The mad tide of the foe.
We clashed in a deadly blow.
“We’re doomed” — burst in a flash,
And then the spear stabbed through my flesh

Oceans of pain
Fill me.
Can’t see a thing,
Kill me.
Red everywhere.
Down in the fog

Blood on our blades is like dust on our hearts.
The silent is smart.
Time teaches us to lie and helps to forget
The blood that we shed.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.