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The lyrics

I have something to say
There is
Just one thing that one day
Is gonna bring the wars to end,
The walls will turn to sand.

And it’s
The only reason to live.
You know
That we all must believe
It will help us understand
And touch each-other’s hand.

And all the soldiers will come home soon,
There’ll be no crying at the tomb,
We’ll stay together and make it real,
The sores will disappear.

And it will help us to see the skies,
The flowers grow out of asphalt smiles,
The olive-branch in a beak of dove
I know that you have guessed that it is love.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.


Sound engineer: Igor Khait.
Gennady Birenberg: vocals and guitar
Igor Khait: keyboards
Omri Plotnik: drums
Stas Sergienko: lead guitar
Sasha: bass

Where and when

Beit-Dany, 90 Stampfer st., Petach-Tiqwa.
July 2009.

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