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The lyrics

It is the third time you had this one dream,
Waking alone in your bed.
Open the door, hope the hinges won’t scream,
Listen to voice in your head.

Out of your land you must go through the wastes.
Leave everything for what destiny taste is.
Whole world will help you succeed.

Now, when you can’t find yourself in th hazes,
Reach for the wind and you’ll find the oasis.
Pull out the poisonous weed.

Desert will ask you and desert will listen.
Wait for the word where no meaning is missing.
What is the prize you came for?

Eyes look at you from the horizon hole,
Burning marks on your unfortunate soul.
You know you’ve seen them before.

Word cut the silence with hammering toll.
Stone face of sphinx spoke to you from the wall:
“Do what you have to to fly and to burn,
Strike yourself down then you fall and you die and return!


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.


Sound engineer: Igor Khait.
Gennady Birenberg: vocals
Igor Khait: keyboards
Omri Plotnik: drums.
Stas Sergienko: guitar
Sasha: bass

Where and when

Beit-Dany, 90 Stampfer st., Petach-Tiqwa.
August–December 2009.

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