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Black Wings of Freedom

The lyrics

On the black wings of freedom I fly.
Twisting bullet I will shut up your light.
You are threatened by shadows under my wings,
And I’m singing along with a wind.

There’s no way you can stop me tonight.
Don’t you dare to paint black into white.
Let the past go, there’s only today.
I am free from your judgment, get off my way!

Leaving home and let it burn,
To forget what I have learnt.
Nothing here can make me stay.
Gonna throw it all away.

No more racing around the clock.
No more being in a flock.
High I fly, see the lights,
See the fire, down there they set the fire.

I’m the freedom, I’m the sorrow released,
But for you I’m no longer exist.
I am flying further on the eastern airstream.
You might not see me, but you’ll remember my scream.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.
The first song recorded in a studio in a normal way (channels).