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Little Town

The lyrics

I’m getting down and touch the clouds,
I see the light of million lives,
Down to the earth with moonlight waves,
Unborn child I hit the ground.

Don’t you cry, son, life has just begun,
Follow me now.
I will lead you through, just obey the rules,
We’ll count you in.

Little town, the human hive,
Must be dead to feel alive,
Twenty dollars for your soul,
Knowing that you’re paying too.

Living in a dream, trying not to scream,
Just one wrong step.
Dad, what have you done, I can’t stop or run,
I don’t wanna see.

Red eye devil!

He’s in me I know, red sarcastic glow,
He’s the reason.
Don’t you see his eye in the traffic lights?
Go with him, son!


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol.