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The lyrics

Black. White. Black. White.
Highway sheet four lanes wide.
Asphalt giants, snakes we ride.
Choose your snake and choose your side.

You stream under me,
Twisting, throwing the lights aside.
Were do you bring me?
One of us will decide.

Endless way without a reason,
From the prison to the prison,
One of them is ours.

From The Gateway of the Hopeless
To the ruins of the Fortress,
Eighty miles an hour.

Passed a road-sign with a warning,
Never been here. Flashing burning
Thought: “Am I a prey here?”

Shadow moves among the shadows,
Creeping void across the meadows,
Wish it wouldn’t stay here.

Here again — alone and afraid.
The frightened voice from the radio said,
That someone’s crushed and was found dead.
What are these bites on his head?

We keep on going, we and our friends.
With usual loss every day ends.
And she shakes us into unconsciousness,
Like some kind of Loch Ness princess.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.