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The Answer Is No

The lyrics

No matter how hard did you try you are lost from the start.
No visitors here you can count on, too near and too far.
A clown with a tear on his cheek and a tear in his heart.
They laugh and they all make you sick, you keep playing your part.

Is there another place?
Will six become an ace?
Will you get off this maze?

The answer is no!
Just no!
Nowhere! No way! No day! No one to save!
And nothing to say!

You’re locked in a dark little cell with mortality smell.
And the worst of all knowing the cell it is only yourself.
The ceiling draws nearer, in darkness you can’t even breathe.
Although nothing holds you, you have no permission to leave.


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol and Gennady Birenberg.