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The Truth Revelation

The lyrics

Night can be the only time to draw in.
Loneliness and fear will help me stay alive.
Try to feel the way beyond the feelings.
Scent of darkness it will bring me back to wild.

Don’t play dice with your soul.
You can’t fly — learn to crawl.

Moon is gone; I hear it’s coming closer.
Something’s here, I know it’s looking from behind.
Close your eyes because your eyes are useless.
If you want to see the truth you must stay blind.

See the real nature — world without a lie.
Past without a future, see it here is life!

Real world is twisted black hole horror.
Everything is crazy chaos movement. Why?
I can’t stay; I know my place is nowhere.
Where is death?! The truth is pain, I wanna die!


Music by Abrahms Family.
Lyrics by Michael Krol.