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Sergey Zenkin | © Photo by Miri Dochikian   Info

Born on 24 February 1981
Fixing the equipment
AF member from birth


Born in Mordovia in 1981 in USSR in Saransk City, near Saranka river (I used to call it “Zasranka”). My father was a professional electrician.

Technical education

When did I first see a soldering iron? I really don’t remember, maybe when I was 7.
My first electronics experience: I’ve connected a 12Volt motor to a 220Volt socket. First the motor uttered a strange noise and started spinning strangely fast, but shortly it was smoking. My father was very upset about it...
Next experience was accidently touching hot soldering iron. It hurt...
The third one was grabbing an open 220:48Volt transformer. Nothing happened...
(It’s strange, isn’t it?)

Technical bio

First (but not the last) serious AF project was making 4 multicords 4 channels each.
The latest one was SD1010 soundcard installation into the studio table :)

Besides, I have many various assignments in the band: ticket collector; video and audio recording of the gigs, speakers dragging... in other words, I’m the band’s roaDIE... (Really?)

My favorite music

DDT, Машина времени, Manowar, Rammstein, House tracks (and maybe some Classic opuses, which sometimes I hear in Marg’s car)

My favorite movie

Flight of the Navigator

My favorite drink


My favorite food