Dima Alperovich
electric guitar player, acoustic guitar player, classic guitar player, mandolin player, vocalist

Dima Alperovich. 30.04.1986
Guitars: Electric guitars: Ibanez RG, Epiphone. Acoustic Guitars: Fender, Fender high-Strung nashville tuning.
Classic Guitar: Antonio Aparicio Signiture model.
Pedalboard and Amp: Guitar> Boss TU-2 Tuner> Dunlop Cry-baby GCB 95> Ibanez Tube king TK999> Boss DD-6> Boss CE-5 Chorus> MXR Phase 90> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal> Fender Frontman 65.
Michael Krol
electric guitar player, vocalist

One of my personal mottos (along with “True Shniaga!”) is: “Do it if it crazy enough for you”.
Doing The Wall is a real challenge for any musician, this project it one crazy, breath-taking, time-soaking, psychedelic, electrifying experience, for which I feel thankful to Dima, who has invited me.
Wish you were here, with us to let us share this powerful masterpeace in our way.
Alexei Polyansky
bass player, vocalist, clarniet player

5 strings fretless LTD bass guitar.
6 strings Cort bass guitar.
All my life I was playing the piano with my hands but all my life I was playing the bass in my heart.
What’s in my hands is not what in my heart. What in my heart will soon be in my hands.
What was in my heart is now my hands, what is in my hands it’s now my life.
What is in my life is in my soul, my mind…
Gennady Birenberg

Well, I got to know Pink Floyd I think in 1996. Of all their stuff the very first album I heard was the Wall. Till today this band (and also this album) remains one of my favorites. Of course, Pink Floyd and The Wall have always really inspired me and have had an influence on me, so it wasn’t hard for me to join this project.
Konstantin Glantz
keyboard player

Hi, i’m a keyboard dude in the band, as you can understand, so my mission is to supply the keyboards that are strong, flat and cool enough to put on it all the beers and stuff, the members of a band would like to use during the shows. When i was at my teens, i’ve got that famous poster with those naked girls sitting near the swimming pool with the Floyd album covers painted at their backs. That really got me into a band. Thank you, girls. Now it’s my turn to pay a tribute, you know…

Yuval Orsher
drummer, vocalist

To be honest, the only Pink Floyd song I knew 3 months ago was “Another brick in the wall pt. II”. To be even more honest — I wasn't even aware of the existance of pt. I and III.
When Dima told me about the project and asked me to join, I decided to try it out. I've learned 5 songs for the audition, and from there I learend the whole album. Overall it turned out to be one of the best desicions I made in my music life. I was introduced to one of the best albums of all times, and got to play with extremely talented musicians, to whom I have much respect.
To sum it all up, All and all it was - Awesome!

Sergey Zenkin
stage worker, actor

Slava Mironov
stage worker, actor

Anna Mamontova
back vocalist

Anna Korkhina
back vocalist

Eugene Yanov
back vocalist, SFX operator

Meytar Hatav

Sarel Grayevsky
guitar technician