Dima Alperovich:  It’s all began as one of many dreams of mine in late summer 2008. I always wanted to bring The Wall on stage. I was enchanted by this album for many years and as a guy who remember all dates I’ve noticed that 2009 will be a 30th anniversary of the album and that’s how I got the idea to play the whole album as one piece. I started to plan it in my head and to think how to make the dream come true.

The first person I told about the project was Gennady Birenberg. It was in October 2008. Me and Gennady have been friends since 2002. When I told him about the project and offered him to join the project as a leading vocalist and sing all Roger Waters’ parts, he has immediately accepted the job.
Meanwhile, I have been playing in another band which was another project of mine. The band included the bassist Alexei Polyansky and the drummer Vadim Freidkin. I told Alexei about the idea to play “The Wall&rdquo, and he agreed to play bass in the project. In the middle of November, the 14th :-) I called guitarist Michael Krol, also known as Margulis, told him about the project and asked him to join, and he accepted the challenge :)

Michael Krol:  “When I was younger, so much younger than today” (15-16 years old) my friend gave me a tape (in that time we had no CDs yet) with “The Wall”. I didn’t quite understand what’s that was all about, but I liked the symphonic ending. When I joined the Army at June 1995, our corporal wanted to scare a hack out of us, and I remember him yelling: “I will show you Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’, you’ll learn what the discipline is!”

Nevermind. Anyway, I remember Dima once called me on the phone and told that he was going to found a band for playing “The Wall” and he is now looking for a guitarist. And then I replied: “Well, I’m a guitarist, you know” — so it was a deal. I really didn’t mind because I thought several times before that, that it was a good idea to learn some tracks from the album to learn some Gilmour tricks (I guess it’s generally a wise thing to learn from the greats) So it was the point where the Project has started for me.

Dima Alperovich:  Meanwhile I was searching for a drummer and a keyboard player and I have found none. Vadim knew that I was looking for a drummer and offered his help as a drummer of the project. At this point we didn’t find a keyboardist but we made a decision to start the project anyway and keep searching for one.

The first rehearsal took place at 17th of Februray at Brener studio in Tel-Aviv. In that period, specifically between Februray to late March, we were doing one rehearsal in two weeks in Surround studio in Tel-Aviv. The beginning of April brought a serious changes to the project: We started to make rehearsals on weekly base, and we also switched the Surround studio to Ostinato studio which also located in Tel-Aviv.

The most noticeable event during that period has happened at 8th of May. This was the day when Abrahms Family and Sumo Elevator appeared on the same stage together. Me and Margulis went to the show to see our lead vocalist Gennady Birenberg kicking some ass with his band Abrahms Family. After the show I approached Yevgeny Kushnir, the guitarist of Sumo Elevator, to ask him for some numbers of keyboard players he knew, and he gave me a number of Konstantin Glantz. Several days later I talked to Konstantin and asked him to join the band, and on 16th of May he came to the studio, and this was the moment when we finally became a full band.

Some time later after working together, we decided to make a performance. Our first play list included the first CD of the album and some bonus tracks from different Pink Floyd periods (1967—1979). We worked hard throughout June having 4 to 5-hour rehearsals every week. Finally, after four and a half months of working we have made our way to our first live show at 3rd of July.

At that time we have decided that the project name would be “Echoes”. Few days before the show, while we were publishing the show, Margulis has discovered that there was already an Israeli band called “Echoes”, which has forced us to change our name to another one. That evening (which was particularly dark for us) me and Margulis have come to the idea to change the name to “Empty Spaces”, and that’s how our band name has been born.

Michael Krol:  We have discussed it several times until me and Dima just sat and wrote a list of possible names (all the names obviously had to be somehow connected to “The Wall”).
So I have picked up “Echoes” and we liked it.. Until that day we’ve found the name was already occupied. That was a thunderstrike, but we bid again and the name was “Empty Spaces’.

Dima Alperovich:  At July 3rd we got up to the stage at Freeland Bar in Tel-Aviv and performed in front of over 70 people.

Shortly after the gig, specifically at 11th of July we fired our drummer Vadim Freidkin and started to look for a new drummer. During that period we tried to play with some other drummer but it didn’t quite worked out. On 25th of July there was a Jam session in honour of our friend’s birthday. Gennady, Margulis, myself and even Vadim were participating. I saw several drummers there and I have noticed one of them, a guy called Yuval Orsher.

A little later I offered him to come for an audition. He came and quite impressed us with his intelligence and drum feel. After some more auditions we have picked Yuval to be our drummer, it happened at 8th of August. Now we keep the hard working and preparing ourself to the November’s gigs.